I am an aspiring housewife.  This is funny because I have been a full time stay at home mom for going on 3 years now.  What do I mean by aspiring?  Well, for me it’s a growing process.  I was in the military for six years; I fixed computers, did push-ups, searched large vehicles for WMDs and fired weapons.  All of which was easier (most days) than being a housewife.

I have made leaps and bounds when it comes to my health and fitness.  This has obviously impacted my family in a great way.  We are much healthier in our food choices and tend to be much more active than we were a few years ago.  However, my “housewifery”… well, that’s a different story.

I have never been an organized person.  I like to pretend to be one, I could probably even play one on television, but to actually do it day in and day out… well, that’s another completely different story.  My house is mostly crazy because of the toddler.  “The mess” as I lovingly call her, is able to level a clean house in about 2 hours… and when I say “level”, I mean destroy completely.  I love her but she knows just how to hide and destroy.  These are great talents for special ops personnel trying to find terrorists in Iran, but not so much in a house that a mother is trying to keep clean.  So, what do I do?  Well, to be quite honest, most days I give up.

I decide to play with my children, relax and watch movies.  I go to the gym and enjoy the gym daycare, or I make meals that we all lovingly enjoy, but I maybe wait a few hours before I do dishes (ok… maybe till the next day… GASP… horrible I know).

Thankfully, my husband (who is a neat freak), travels a lot for work and doesn’t have to deal with the hysteria of the household craziness most days, but he’s pretty good at dealing with it when he is here (and helping with laundry too!  I know… I’m lucky).

I have hopes and dreams of one day becoming organized and doing certain daily chores on certain days, so that my counters and cabinets always stay disinfected and my shelves dust free, but I know that my children sometimes make that just impossible at this stage in their development.  I did have a clean house before they came along, and I can dream of that being a possibility again.

So, like the procrastinating, healthy snack-making, gym going, movie watching mommy that I am… I put off the cleaning until I honestly can’t take it anymore.  It’s something I’ve decided to come “clean” about… (baha, get it “clean”).  Ok, so what are your “dirty secrets”? (haha… there I go again) What do you excel at, and what do you put off for other things that make you happier in life?


Image from http://www.beniceorleavethanks.com/2012/04/24/when-i-showed-my-husband-the-what-do-moms-do-all-day-picture/