The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau


Let me start this off by saying that what you are about to read has no reflection on my husband or my relationship with him!  It has everything to do with the fact that I try to “Do-It-All” from cooking, picking up the house, taking care of the baby, working-out, going to work, to being a good friend and on and on, while getting little to no sleep!  I like to tell myself “that I can sleep when I’m dead”, so when I find that there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, I forgo sleep to get my to-do list done.  Now I know, this is never a good idea!

I had been looking forward to my “date night” with my husband since the week began.  While I was pregnant, several women, who are much wiser than me, stressed the importance in setting aside time to be alone with your husband or significant other (if at all possible), after the baby arrives.  Taking their advice, I always try to plan a “date night” every week, but in the same breath, I should also say that I am blessed to have my parents who live minutes away as they love being grandparents and will babysit my 5 month old every week, which makes “date night” possible.

My husband and I had planned to go see this new Matt Damon movie that was out, I am a sucker for anything with him in it!  I had done cardio everyday for a week leading up to my “date night” as I knew I wanted to splurge on popcorn and Sourpatch Kids®, those sweet and sour gummies get me every time.

Everything was going according to plan; we were having so much fun, enjoying each other’s company, and as a bonus, I managed to snag two end seats in the middle of the theatre.  With my popcorn and candy in hand, I snuggled close to my husband, and settled in to watch the previews (one of my favorite parts).  I guess it was the dark lights; me snuggling a little too close or maybe it was the overload of carbs but whatever it was it made for the perfect environment for a nap.  Let’s say all I can remember was Matt Damon holding hands with Emily Blunt running off somewhere.  Ironically, when I awoke and emerged from my deep slumber, Matt Damon was again holding hands with Emily Blunt running off somewhere, except this time the scene was followed by the ending credits letting me know that not only was the movie over, but that I had definitely snoozed through the entire movie!  I was completely mortified!  My husband had paid a premium for me to see this movie that was my pick and I couldn’t even tell you what happened!  Not to mention, that he later told me that he had to shake me several times to ask that I stop snoring!  It was truly a “date night” disaster.

My takeaways from this experience should prove to be a lesson to all you “Do-It-All” moms that are sleep-deprived, when going out to the movies, either go see a matinee, take a nap with your kids before going out, or at the very least skip the popcorn and take a 5-hour energy, LOL!  Cheers to more “date nights” and more sleep:)