Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. There are days when I wake up and after about two hours I think to myself, “Really, is this how my day is going to continue?” Usually this is when I don’t get to fit in my morning coffee and we experience at least one meltdown before 9AM. Thankfully, it doesn’t occur very often. For that I am grateful.

Then there are situations or experiences, like my Warrior Dash training, that I am trying to successfully conquer. My event is less than 3 weeks away. I’ve accomplished quite a bit in the last couple of months, but for some reason I am experiencing knee pain now. Ugh! It clicks, it pops and sometimes it stops me in my tracks. No, I’m not allowing it to take over. I am determined to run this race and finish! Pure determination! That, combined with motivation from my “Fabulous Friend”. She totally rocks!

Maybe it’s that phone call you get telling you of some sad news…it makes one think deeply. I received such a phone call the other evening. Someone whom I love dearly has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She will be having a double mastectomy this week. I am hundreds of miles away and want to be by her side, but at this very moment I cannot. I am endlessly praying for her and keeping her close in my thoughts. I wish I could be by her side, holding her hand.

After learning of the news, I began to ask God, “Why does such a beautiful and loving person have to suffer such a terrible thing”? She is one of the strongest people I know. Her love is endless, her kindness is unlike anyone has ever experienced. She’s a wife, mother, daughter, cousin, sister, friend, teacher and role model. All my life she has been such an influence, in ways she probably doesn’t even know. The memories we share are treasured deep in my heart. I pray that God will hold her tight, bless her with all the strength she needs to get over this hurdle and she will be  stronger because of it. She is a fighter and her determination is insurmountable.

So when I have a bad day, this is one of those events in life which makes me take a step back and say, I can handle what is thrown my way. Look at what others may be trying to conquer today. If I were in her shoes, what would she say right now?

I may have a curve ball, you may be trying to jump a hurdle and yet another may be fighting the fight of their life. Thank God for what you have and never take a single thing for granted. My life is a gift, and so is yours.