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I’ve always been a fairly health-conscious person, but my journey took a very unexpected turn in August 2014. I always tried to feed my family healthy, made-from-scratch meals with as many fruits and veggies as they’d tolerate! Minimal sugar, no sodas, ingredients I could actually pronounce – you get the idea.


In March 2014, we found out I was pregnant with our third child. We were so excited! I thought, “I can right all the past pregnancy wrongs!” You know what I mean – the late night Arby’s runs, way too many bowls of ice cream, etc. This was my chance to have the healthiest pregnancy ever! And with a few exceptions, it was.

To our shock or horror, at the 24-week prenatal checkup, we were told our precious baby boy no longer had a heart beat. We were utterly devastated. I remember being in the hospital thinking, “If this is what being healthy leads to then forget it!” So I abandoned all the healthy ideas I’d worked so hard to put into practice. I was angry at my body for what I viewed as a huge failure.

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As you can imagine, the unhealthy eating and not exercising led to even more depression than I was already suffering from after our huge loss. And then… my yoga pants split. Yes ma’am. The trusty pants that are our best friend FAILED. I knew I needed to change. This wasn’t healthy for me, my marriage or my two boys. I searched Pinterest endlessly and tried several workouts with very disappointing results. Then I stumbled upon Skinny Mom and everything changed. In one week, I saw a little loosening of the yoga pants! That was all the motivation I needed.

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Here we are, a little more than a year after baby Isaac’s death and I’ve gone from a tight size 8 back to a 4. Does the number matter? Nope! What matters is that I feel so much better – about everything – and I know I’m healthier! Not every fitness journey is filled with so much sadness and I hope yours isn’t, but the important thing to remember is this:

We have this one life and this one body. Let’s take care of ourselves and enjoy every minute!

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