I’m breaking up with Facebook…for now. I wake up, immediately go to my phone, open the app and scan through every life event that happened while I was sleeping. I am on Facebook at work all day chatting with my sister. Then I find myself becoming distracted from actually doing my real work. I come home and check my Facebook while I am eating dinner. I. AM. ADDICTED.

I thrive from the social aspect of life and hate to be alone. Since my husband has been training, it has just been my daughter and I, and I have noticed my Facebook addiction has kicked it up a notch. I have found myself becoming jealous/depressed that my friends have their husbands home, while mine is away. I feel guilty for letting everyone know I have my husband back, when most of them do not. After coming to an understanding that I post too many pictures, too many videos, too many “no one cares” posts for the past 6 years….I am breaking up with Facebook.

I began to research how Facebook can affect your personal happiness. Research from EveryDay Health shows that there may be some health benefits from Facebook. Some ways that it can benefit your health are:

  • boosting self-esteem
  • strengthening friendships
  • help introverts socialize

But there are also health risks involved:

  • can cause depression
  • trigger eating disorders
  • cause issues with your spouse, partner, or friends

For most people, how or whether Facebook affects your mood, your health, or your marriage probably depends far more on your off-line well-being, activities, and influences than what you do when you log on.

So with all this being said, I deleted the Facebook application on my phone and temporarily deactivated my Facebook account. Peace Out Facebook…..