According to my mother, when I was only 2 years old I was doing back-flips down the hill and cartwheels all over the yard and I had never been to a gymnastics class.  I guess you could say that we knew from a young age, I was going to be an active adult.  Fast forward through lots of gymnastics meets, oodles of cheerleading competitions, and countless track and field events, I have become a pro at competing and over the years I have collected hundreds of awards and medals that are stashed away in my mom’s basement.  Some competitions and wins have been more meaningful than others, winning a national championship ring while cheering in college and standing on stage being crowned the Fitness Universe Champion come to mind, but not even these proud accomplishments would ever come close to comparing to the challenge and prize that was getting ready to come my way.

It was a cold day in January and I can remember feeling frustrated that my jeans were fitting a little tighter and I just wasn’t  feeling quite right.  My husband and I hadn’t really officially started trying to have a baby, but we weren’t really doing anything to prevent it from happening either.  I was a week late for my period but that was nothing new for me, but for some reason I just had this feeling that I should maybe take a preggo test.  An hour later and with four positive tests in hand, I shared the news with my husband who after hearing “we’re having a baby” started jumping up and down while I sit in shock with tears rolling down my face because I didn’t know whether to be jumping for joy or scared to death at the thought of being pregnant.

The next nine months would go by so fast and would be filled with lots of tears, ridiculous cravings, way too much shopping, and 60 pounds of weight gain….yes I said 60 pounds of weight!  Arriving over a week past my due date and a long 23 hours of labor, baby Easton would make his debut and change my life forever.  There are no words to express the joy in that moment and it is inconceivable how much love you can have for someone whom you barely know…unless of course your a mother and you’ve experienced it too.  All you moms know what I am talking about!

Easton is almost 5 months old now and with the sleepless nights and the eating every 2 hours quickly becoming a memory of the past, I find myself starting to relax a bit more and my confidence in the “I’m a mommy” department improving.  Though, it is a far cry from saying that I have mastered this “mommy” thing or that I even think I am doing a good job so far,  because like I said before, nothing that I have ever done in my past would begin to come close to preparing me for the challenges of motherhood.

As challenging as it is, being a mom does come with its rewards, because even with a basement filled with hundreds of trophies, medals, and 1st place ribbons, giving birth to baby Easton was the best prize that I have ever been given and yes, although a little biased, I took 1st place in the baby department, LOL!

So now you know a little bit about my long history of competing and my start into motherhood.  With a long journey ahead of me and many more competitions to come, I hope that you will follow me and offer your comments and support along the way.  After all, I am going to need a lot of help and support to get back into those skinny jeans! Please read my “Competition Mama” blog.