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I love my backyard workouts in the summer when the heat is on! It’s added sweat, sun, and vitamin D. One of my favorites to do is one that I call Crazy 8s. Here it is! You’ll need a medicine ball. I do three rounds of eight reps each, resting 20-30 seconds between exercises and one to two minutes between rounds to sweat in my own backyard and blast fat.

Warm up and stretch for five minutes. If you don’t have a warm-up routine of your own, try this basic version!

Wall Ball: Toss your medicine ball against a fence or brick wall. You can also do kettlebell swings in place of this and can sub dumbbells for a kettlebell.


Rotating Medicine Ball Pushups: Place one hand on the ball and complete a pushup. Roll the ball to switch hands and repeat for a set of eight.

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Box Jump: Jump onto your deck or a platform. You can also substitute for a plyometric jump.


Tricep Dips: You can do these on a bench or chair.


Knee-Ins: Using a swing, put your feet on swing and get in plank position. They are similar to these gliding knee tucks as you perform knee-ins on the swing.


Split Lunges: Using the swing again, put one foot on the swing for split lunges, similar to this split lunch on stairs. Switch feet and repeat on the other side.


Sprint and Crab Run: Sprint longest length of your yard and return back doing crab run. Repeat this for eight sprints.


Cool down for 5 minutes and stretch. You’ve completed my backyard fat blaster!