Well, we had a feeling that Frankie might be a little mischievous this year, and boy were we right. Can you believe that last night he went downstairs, pulled the bag of marshmallows out of the pantry, jumped up in the highchair with them and proceeded to eat OVER HALF the bag!?!? Of course, he wasn’t even bloated one little bit. I say “no fair” to that!

When my daughter found him this morning, she came running in my bedroom to let me know that Frankie had “really done it now!” She just couldn’t believe that he had eaten that many marshmallows. Of course, she wanted one as well but I explained that I was sure his magic had spread to the little white sugar puffs and if she touched them it might be like touching Frankie – and he would lose his magic.

So, as Frankie sits at home stuffing himself full of sugar, I now begin my quest for tomorrow’s excitement.
Hope your kids – and you! – are enjoying Elf on the Shelf this year!

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