What motivates you to get healthy?  Is it a Wedding, Vacation or does it take a High School reunion to get you back to the gym and eating healthy?   This January, I was featured in Oxygen Magazine’s Fat Loss Special Issue getting advice on how to reach my fitness goals.  There’s a chance I could be featured again for a follow -up story and I just found out that I’ve got 3 weeks to submit my “after” photo.  There’s my motivation.  I eat healthy and exercise the majority of the time, but how do I prepare for a photo shoot?   I knew there was one thing that must be done and that was to call my friend Steven Hartman who is the CEO of Dedicated Motivated.  I’ll be meeting with him for 1 on 1 training sessions at least 3 days a week.  My focus will be to eat lots of veggies and lean protein and to drink lots of water.  Normally I would incorporate complex carbs, fats and fruit, but this is a photo shoot we’re talking about.  In the previous article, I was fully clothed in all the photos, so I may get to be clothed in the after shot as well.  However, it’s a health and fitness magazine we’re talking about and it would be nice to show some skin.  (: