So every woman wants that perfect wardrobe, but here’s a little secret, you only need a few key items to really make it great.  Here are five key items you’ll want to mix and match for any occasion.

1. Jeans that fit just right.  This pair of jeans will be your best friend.  A mid-rise, boot cut jean works for just about every body type.  Sometimes finding this perfect pair of jeans is hard, you’ll have to do a lot of shopping and trying on.  Once you find them, buy every color they have, no joke.  Good-fitting jeans can be hard to come by.

2. Blazer.  This item will be something you can wear with those jeans or when you go into work.  A well-tailored blazer is appropriate for any occasion, whether it be dressy or casual.

3. Pencil skirt.  Pencil skirts are great for slimming you down.  They are also a key piece for a work wardrobe.  You can mix it with any top you have and it will still look just right!  Wearing a pencil skirt for a dinner out or social event always works too; it is a very versatile piece.

4. Cardigan.  Cardigans are a key element in your closet.  They are perfect to mix and match for work, weekend wear, or just to throw over you shoulders at night.  Get them in many different colors and prints to pair with anything you have.  They are great for grab and go…last, but certainly not least.

5. Little black dress.  This is the dress you will feel the best in.  You put it on, and immediately you feel sexy.  This is another piece that should “fit just right” and be well-tailored.  A little black dress is fun for any night out occasion whether it is a dinner date, or a charity function.  This might just be your favorite piece!