When making investments in home gym equipment, we all want to get the most out for our money. All of these products can be used multiple ways to give you the best workout without having to fill your basement with tons of bulky gym equipment.

trx home kit woman at home in fitness clothes

TRX HomeA TRX Suspension Training System is one piece of equipment that can give you a total body workout. The exercises you can do with a TRX are endless! You can do suspension squats, single leg lunges, suspended push-ups, hip thrusts, hamstring curls, etc , etc. It can also help you to increase flexibility, endurance and muscle mass. If you are looking for that one piece of equipment that can change your workouts and your results, this is it!

trx home

A Jump RopeThis may seem obvious but a jump rope is a very useful and inexpensive training tool. We all loved jump ropes as a kid. Did you realize that back then you were getting one of the best workouts of your life? Jump ropes are a great cardiovascular training tool. They get our hearts pumping like nothing else. They also help with our coordination which we all need as we get older. Finally, they build up your leg muscles and strength because of their plyometric component. Jump ropes are the perfect, cost effective addition to your home gym.

c9 jump rope

A Resistance BandResistance bands are great because they come in a variety of weights to fit the needs of people at all different fitness levels. They also can be used for countless different exercises. Use resistance bands in place of dumbbells for a different kind of strength training.  You can also use them to target specific muscle groups such as “band pull a parts“.


A Medicine BallA medicine ball is an easy way to add some extra weight and resistance to your workout routine. For example, use a medicine ball while doing sit ups or squats for added weight. They can also be used to modify exercises. While doing push-ups, try putting one hand up one your medicine ball and the other on the floor and push-up (then role the ball to the opposite hand).  You can even use them for a cardio workout by doing timed over-head slams. Be creative!

gofit ball

Gaiam: Fitness TowelWho knew that all you needed for a decent workout was a gym towel and a hard surfaced floor. A great ab and cardio workout can be done by dragging, pulling and sliding a towel across the floor. For example, place your feet on the towel and walk with your arms across the floor. Do the same with your arms on the towel and use your legs to propel your body. Or place your feet on the towel and arms on the floor; slide your feet, legs straight, back and forth to your hands for a great ab workout.

gaiam fitness towel