We can all use some extra motivation every now and then, whether it’s to finish the task at hand, reach our weight loss goal, or to put in the necessary work to get the promotion. Using motivational books, quotes, and exercises are great ways to get over the hump and onto the finish line, but not all motivational exercise and materials are created equal. Each of us has a unique personality type that requires different motivational messages to get us amped up and excited to keep on going. Make sure your motivational tools are motivating you and not bringing you down by matching your personality type with the motivational tactics that work best for you.


The Leader of the Pack: You are going straight to the top and you’re not stopping for anything! You are driven by accomplishments and success in your field. Motivational works on how to succeed in reaching your personal and professional goals will get you excited and ready to take on the day. Check out “The Color Code” by Taylor Hartman and “How to Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill for your next go-to motivational material! Make sure to take time to de-stress at the gym with some kick-boxing or CrossFit.

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The Glamour Girl: You love being on center stage, especially when you’re getting showered with praise and gifts for your accomplishments. You’re moving up the career path and getting where you want to be in life is motivated by the rewards you receive for your hard work and dedication. It’s vital for you to take time to celebrate your little victories along the way, from a compliment from the boss to a great workout with a small gift to yourself. Pick one day a week and reward yourself for all you’ve accomplished.

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The Family Lady: Your personal wealth is found in the love of your family. You are focused on building a strong foundation for your loved ones, and will do nothing that would compromise your family focused lifestyle and priorities. What you do is priceless and vitally important, but don’t forget about yourself along the way. It’s important for you to keep yourself fresh, focused and motivated to take on the day by replenishing yourself daily. Check out Deepak Chopra for motivational words of wisdom on personal growth and make sure to take five minutes for yourself, whether it’s a quick makeover or a few minutes of silence. If you’re feeling totally stressed, try these 5 Mommy Stress Busters!

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The Realist: You are down to earth, sometimes to a fault. Give it to me straight is your motto, fluff need not be added. Although your level-headedness will get you far in life both personally and professionally you can’t forget to enjoy life along the way. Focus on adding positive thinking into your daily routine through daily positive affirmations. Check out Pinterest, there’s plenty to choose from! You may feel silly at first, but learning to focus on the positive will without a doubt bring more joy and fulfillment into your very real life.