This is what I hear every time I step one foot out of my son’s eye sight. It is summer vacation and my sons are out of school.  Not only do I have my four daycare children, I have my own three children with me all day. My middle child has been incredibly clingy this summer.  He has always been my special little buddy, a momma’s boy in a way.  I can’t even go to the bathroom without hearing, “moooom!” as soon as I try to sit down on the seat. Every. Single. Time.

Moms everywhere know what I am talking about; the fact that we rarely get a moment to ourselves. I wouldn’t trade my children for any other life.  I’d take the craziness of being a mom over being child free. Being a mom to these three awesome kids is what I want, what I live to do. BUT I’d really like to take one step out of the room, go to the bathroom or put clothes in the dryer without hearing that “moooom!” throughout the house.

Moms need to also have eight arms.  We are the ones that carry every drink, toy, jacket, you name it when we are out on a family outing. At Disney World last month, I had to carry my daughter’s princess Minnie ears all day. I would tell her to leave it in the hotel room but she insisted she’d wear the ears all day. Nope. As soon as we reached the park, sometime before we got off the bus, she’d be handing me her ears to hold all day.

My husband and I had a kid free weekend recently.  We took the train downtown Chicago to attend a Cubs game. I counted 5 moms on the train holding their daughters’ baby dolls. One mom was holding two dolls for her little one. Some moms were holding their purses and water bottles in their hands along with the dolls. The children’s hands were empty of course. I’m not complaining though. Although, my husband and I enjoyed our kid-free weekend, we did miss them and wished they were with us on the train, at the Cubs game and enjoying the beautiful city day with us. (Although I admit it was nice not to hear “moooom!” when I took a potty break).