I am kick starting this week with a goal to make at least a couple of your family dinners easy peasy. And how will I do that, you ask? Break out the linen napkins paper towels and fine china Chinet paper plates and prepare for slow cooker cuisine, at its finest.

The days of slow cookers used for mindless meatloaf and grandma’s chili only are over. Today there are literally thousands of delicious, healthy, and creative recipes out there to make mamas on the run appear to be modern day Marthas.

Where to start? Skinny Mom is here for you – look here for an array of yummy slow cooker recipes made skinny to choose from. One of our favorites, Slow Cooker Pepperoni Chicken, also proved to be a favorite of AllParenting.com and they featured it on their site recently.

For today’s Monday Motivation – I want you to choose two new slow cooker recipes to try. Choose them now. Hit the grocery on your lunch break or this afternoon and pick up any ingredients you don’t already have. Plan to throw dinner together in the morning and come home to a yummilicious smelling house and a salivating family…and a little extra time in the evening to clean up after toddler tornadoes take a bath.

So what’s it gonna be? What’s the best slow cooker recipe you have ever prepared? I want to hear your favorites!

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Daily Spark.