Early morning run with Easton. Training for the Turkey Trot!

We have all heard of fall feasting and it’s a rather appropriate term considering fall kicks off lots of delicious holidays. Hello,  hide the sweets – Halloween is just a few short weeks away! Fall is also often a period of the year that many of us may also harvest a few extra pounds in our skinny jeans. Now is the time to take action and stay ahead of those creepy kilograms that begin to sneakily spook us beginning in October.

Thanks to our crusade of mom bloggers offering skinny recipes we have a TON of great resources at your fingertips to help taper the holiday waistline harvest – but let’s all use this Monday Motivation to make a commitment to participate in an active event during this often short-lived optimal weather season.

Enter a 5K, 10K, or relay run. How about a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day?! I can’t think of a better way to tame holiday temptations than to train for a ½ marathon during this tempting time of year. Remember all of the great causes we discussed in your Wednesday Wind Up call to action last week? Choose your favorite cause and walk proud and with a purpose!

Not sure where to start? Active.com is a great place to go to search events in your area. No matter what you choose – make a commitment now. Today. Motivation Monday.

What’s it going to be for you? Share how you will be moving your fall feet!