I definitely have the “I can do it all by myself” attitude and have the “I don’t need anyone’s help” perspective.  Thanks to motherhood, I have softened and know for sure that I can’t do it all myself, nor do I want to.

My parents instilled an excellent hard work ethic in me and maybe that’s where this mindset comes from.  I’ve always been very independent and I always worry about others and never want to burden someone.  That’s why it’s hard for me to ask for help and also accept it.

Times sure have changed and I will gladly accept a meal that’s been cooked for me or will happily let you take my son to baseball practice so I can take the other son to a soccer game.  We just can’t do it all! At first I almost felt defeated, but the more I get a handle on this parenting thing and see how other families juggle it all, I am totally embracing any help that comes my way.

The summer is my busiest time of the year.  I’m juggling a lot at work, the kids are home for the summer making one mess after another and there’s just a lot going on and housekeeping takes  a backseat to all of our activities (would you rather clean or go to the pool?).  So, my husband suggested we hire a cleaning lady to help out during the summer — he’s definitely a keeper.  Now at first, I took offense like he was insulting my cleaning skills and I have resisted for at least three years. After thinking about our past summers and quite frankly remembering how exhausted I am keeping up with it all, I said yes to some much needed help.

The cleaning lady comes every two weeks and I sure do love her. I walk in the door, to clean floors free of baseball field dirt, no crumbs on the countertops and just order (without the chaos). I can sit down and talk to my family about their day and not have that lingering feeling that I should be cleaning.  We all pitch in together and help keep it clean and it’s working out great! This is an indulgence for me, something I can easily get used to.  It’s a treat that I know will go away in September, but from now until then, I will indulgently enjoy every clean minute of it.