You know you’re a mom when… I could think of a million things to finish that sentence, but my favorite has to be: You know you’re a mom when you consider grocery shopping to be “me time.” Long gone are the days of my bi-weekly mani/pedi with an occasional massage or midday trip to the movies with the girls. Today I find relaxation and rejuvenation between the butt paste and milk.

stressed mom

It’s true, being a mom leaves very little time to take care of yourself. I know for you single gals that sounds miserable! I mean how could you ever live without your weekly “workout” on the dance floor. Honestly, it’s not so bad, and if you’re like me you don’t miss the days of single life. If you’re also like me, though, you are exhausted, unkept, hungry and have a unibrow that would out do Anthony Davis’.

You are officially in a “mommy rut.” So how do you get out of it? Between the nightly feedings, daily naps, diaper changes, potty training, mountain of laundry, sink full of dishes and playing Ring Around the Rosy for the umpteenth time, where is there time for you?

Being a mom is one of the most, if not THE most rewarding job out there. But we need a break every now and again too. You’ll be a better mommy for it. It can be something as simple as a nightly bubble bath before bed; take along your kindle and read. Schedule a mommy’s day out. No need to bring your friends along; just take some quiet time for yourself. We all love girl time, but every now and again you need a break from life — this includes complaining and gossiping about it. Shop, eat, get a mani/pedi or just go get your hair washed. Who doesn’t love having their hair washed? Leave the kids with your husband or significant other for a Saturday afternoon. Not only will you get time away, but chances are they will have a greater appreciation for everything you do.

The key is just to relax. We can’t always get away or have that quiet me time, but we can all loosen up a bit. Not in the mood to do the laundry? So don’t! It’s not going anywhere and if it’s just going to put you in a foul mood, is that empty basket (that will only last the next maybe 30 minutes) worth it? Take a mommy time out! Your kids and your husband will thank you for it!!