Moms these days, whether they work outside of the home or not, seem to be constantly on the go. Go to work, run this errand and that errand, pick up and drop off kids from daycare, school, sports practice and other activities…just go go GO!

So what’s a Skinny Mom to do about keeping fit on the go? Fast food tends to sound appealing and “easy” when we’re rushing from here to there. Well, that’s precisely why I plan ahead.

I always carry an insulated tote bag (or cooler, if you will) to work with me and on the go if I know I’m going to be out of the house a while (if it’s with the kids, I throw a few things in it for them as well to help ward off the asking for things at the checkout line, etc.). It keeps me away from the vending machines and cafeteria at work. Here are some easy snacks I love to keep handy (I also portion them out into snack baggies or tupperware after the grocery store so they’re ready to go):

1. Low-Fat String Cheese

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I’m a big fan of cheese (in moderation, of course). It’s good for you and string cheese keeps you busy for a little while, hopefully long enough for your stomach to feel satisfied after snacking on it!








2. Sliced Celery w/Peanut Butter

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Celery is a great food, it actually takes more calories to digest it than it actually has in it…so it’s a negative-calorie food…no harm done, right? And it’s super-healthy. I love pairing it with some PB! (I usually keep my peanut butter amount to no more than 1/4 cup, and I pack it in a small tupperware container vs. bringing a whole jar!)






3. Baby Carrots

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You can never eat too many of these – chock full of vitamins A, K and C!






4. Fresh Berries/Apple/Grapes

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My personal favorites are blueberries & blackberries! And an apple a day certainly helps keep the doc away!







5. Banana

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High in potassium! Also, a little tidbit: eat it while it’s still a hint of green…the riper it is, the more natural sugar it will have. But nonetheless, healthy either way!









6. Fat-Free Yogurt

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If you’re lucky enough not to be lactose-intolerant, yogurt is one of the best snacks. Great source of protein and the probiotics help keep you regular and can also help prevent yeast infections.







7. BPA-Free Water Bottle

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I always bring one of these to work. I am constantly back and forth from the water cooler for refill after refill. It keeps me drinking water all day to ensure I stay hydrated and get the amount I need each day. Way better than soda!







8. Pretzels

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This fat-free snack is great if you’re craving a little salt. Just make sure to portion it out into small baggies for easy grab-n-go snacking. It will also keep you from eating too many if you have it portioned out beforehand.







9. Almonds

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What a great super-food these are. Excellent source of protein and good fat. I also recommend portioning these out after purchasing so you don’t eat too many at a time.





10. Turkey Bacon or Sausage

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This may sound like an odd one, but I’m a working mom and I need to actually bring some sort of lunch item too…so I usually bring some turkey bacon or sausage that I can just zap in the microwave and it helps me stay satisfied. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but it’s a lot better than a Big Mac!






Hope you feel inspired to steer clear of the drive-thru next time you’re out and about and take along some of these healthy choices instead!