Playgroups are great for both mamas and kiddos. It’s a sanity maintainer for moms to get together and talk with other moms going through the same things. For the kids, they get to socialize and learn with their peers.

1. Stroller Striders/Other Fitness Play Groups: I personally do Stroller Striders and I love it. I can get a good workout in, and later on in the day when the baby is napping, I can clean the house and make dinner. I get so much accomplished on the days I do Stroller Striders. It’s fun and it gets us out of the house during the cold weather days.

2. Library Story Times: I do these as well. I love watching my son play with the other babies, while we learn sign language, sing, and read books. These are great for moms with just one kid at home. My son enjoys seeing other babies his age. Check out your local library for events– they usually have different classes for different age groups.

3. Playgroups at the Mall: Some large malls and shopping centers have play areas or dedicated places for kids and moms to meet and have fun. Contact your mall and see what they have to offer. My local mall for instance has a game room, and every day there are tons of moms and kids. Bonus–you can get some shopping done, too!

4. Other Meet Ups: Check out Meetup.com. Depending on your (or your child’s) interests, they’ll have a meet up group for that! Some groups host a Moms Only Night Out, or Mom’s Yoga Night where Dad can watch the kiddo and Mom can escape for an hour. It’s a great way to meet people that have a ton in common with you and live close by! Some Meet Ups meet at parks, others host play dates at their homes and do recipe and meal swaps. The kids love these as well.

5. Sports Clubs: Get your kids involved in clubs and sports. You can watch your children have fun and apply their talents, as well as socializing with others.  It’s healthy, and you can catch up on reading or knitting while you watch!

When in doubt, start your own! Get in touch with local moms by starting your own group on Meetup.com or talking to neighbors and moms of your child’s friends.