The true reality of my “age” didn’t hit me until I realized that most all of my childhood videos are recorded on VHS.  Maybe that’s not so bad, but I do not own a VHS player and am not even sure if they are still sold in stores?

I’ve been living in denial for the last few years, really ever since I popped out kiddo number one!  It was in that moment that I decided that I would NEVER, I mean NEVER be an uncool mom!  I had vowed to stay “forever young”.  Fast forward two and a half years.  I am rockin the mom cut (unwashed with roots the size of Alaska-gives it that extra bit of flare), drive an officially licensed “swagger wagon”, I spend 90% of my time in sweats, or **gasp** last night’s pajamas, I can quote every last stinking word on the Yo-Gabba-Gabba DVD (ps that show gives me the massive creapers), I couldn’t tell you what the top 40 songs are on today’s chart- if it’s not on Elmo, it’s not in my house- the last time my husband and I attended the movie theatre, one or more of us may have fallen asleep, and I am OFFICIALLY hooked on Southern Living Magazines.

Alas, I have caught up with my age.  I have this theory.  Mom’s are like dogs-stay with me here.  When you become a mommy, you automatically age in ATLEAST 5 years, and every year after that you age atleast 2 more.  This can put a major damper on your swagger.  So how do we (mom’s I mean) “keep our cool” without looking like we are desperately clinging to our youth?

Don’t ask me!!  I just used the term swagger, and am pretty sure I still “raise the roof” on occasion (I’m bringing it back baby).  Maybe I’m not hip and down with it like I was in my teen years, but my kids treat me like I am a rock star!  Unkept hair and all.

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