The world is changing every day and as a mother I struggle with knowing which wisdoms to impart. It is said that children learn more from what we do than from what we say, but sometimes we still need to be sure that the really important life lessons are spoken. While each family is different, each culture and each parent has different perspectives, there are some truths which may very well be universal. The Skinny Mom team feels that these seven lessons might be among them.

1. You can move mountains by moving pebbles. No action is worthless. Changing one life, or one moment, for the better means the world. So don’t be afraid to take small steps on the path of goodness. Each one counts.

2. Don’t post anything on social media that you wouldn’t be proud for your parents or grandparents to see. In the connected world, mothers who show their daughters the value of privacy are teaching a lesson in self-worth. This lesson encompasses the age-old notion that the greatest mysteries hold the greatest appeal.

3. Respect your body. We only get one so honor it with how you treat it and how you allow it to be treated.

4. Forgive. Forgive yourself, forgive others around you. None of us are perfect and forgiveness is a virtue practiced by a loving person.

5. Manage your own money. When you know how to manage money, you learn the value of it. And the mother who can teach her daughter how to value money will impart a wisdom far greater: confidence to demand her own financial worth from her future employers.

6. Trust that “gut” voice. The little voice in our bellies, or hearts, or where ever else we might hear it, is rarely wrong. Our “gut instincts” are usually right when they tell us to seize a moment or run away.

7. You have a mother who loves you! One of the greatest things in life is having a mother who is your cheerleader and who feels unconditional love for you. Share that with your daughter, and teach her that she’s strong and fierce, loving and kind, that she can be whomever she’s designed to be and will be loved for all of her days to come.