When we think about family road trips, visions of fun, adventure and making wonderful memories spring to mind. But, let’s be honest, there is always the potential for screaming, crying, and fighting from the backseat.

To put it simply, on road trips, an iPad can be your best friend. Educational and entertaining mobile applications can make getting to your destination a little more pleasant. But, which ones are the best for your kids? We’ve got you covered! We have found some of the best apps to keep kids of all ages amused and get you safely to your destination!


Apps for kids under 5:

Mr. Potato Head Create & Play: Everyone loves Mr. Potato Head! He’s a classic favorite that has now gone digital! This mobile app comes with more than 200 mix-and-match parts for kid to create their very own, one-of-a-kind Mr. (or Mrs.!) Potato head.

mr potato head app
Elmo Calls: What is more exciting than talking to one of your favorite Sesame Street characters? Kids can call, receive calls, get voicemails and even FaceTime with Elmo on this super fun app!
elmo calls
Team Umizoomi: Math Racer: Team Umizoomi focuses on teaching basic math skills to young children. Your child can create their own car and then race through obstacles to collect trophies and car decals! This game combines the fun of racing games with math!

umizoomi game

Apps for kids ages 6-8: 

Gro Garden: Kids are never too young to learn about where their food comes from. This creative app introduces kids to the world of gardening and compost. Kids can plant their own garden, harvest their vegetables and compost their scraps to grow more vegetables!

gro garden
Toca Builders: This game is like Sim City for a younger crowd. Using blocks, kids can build anything they can imagine. The potential for creativity is endless! This app auto-saves creations so kids are never disappointed when they attempt to re-open their last project.

toca builders
Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up: This app is perfect for the little artist in your family! Kids can animate their own short stories and create sound effects for their characters. There are also bonus games, like pinball, that can help Mickey overcome obstacles.

mickey mash-up

Apps for kids ages 9-11: 

Dr. Seuss’s ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’: This interactive book is so much fun! The book is narrated for children who need assistance reading. If your child is at a reading level that allows them to read to by themselves, they can touch individual words and those words will be narrated, which means they will not have to ask for assistance with pronunciation while you are busy driving! Kids can also record themselves reading and share it with friends or their younger siblings!

dr seuss places
YodelOh Math Mountain: One way to get kids into math is make it competitive! Kids can learn their math tables while trying to make the high-score leader board! Fast paced and interactive, this game is so much more fun than math flashcards. It is suitable for varying skill levels. As they score points, the difficulty increases.

yodeloh math mountain
Stack The States: This app makes learning state names, locations, flags, shapes, and more a blast! The objective of the game is to answer questions correctly to make a stack of states to reach a checkered line. Every time you win a game, you earn another state.

stack the states
What are some of your favorite apps to keep the kids busy while you are driving? We know your kids will love some of these (and some parents may, too)!