Do words motivate or inspire you? They sure do for me! A simple word can have SO much power! Sometimes all it takes is to think or see a certain word to change my mindset and get me pushing harder or out the door for a workout…which brings me to my latest fitness clothing “must have”!

Motivational t-shirts & tanks designed backwards so that an inspirational message can be read FORWARD when you look in the mirror. BRILLIANT! Created by Carrie Knight, Mirror Motivation is a fitness motivation clothing company. With their mission being “to help people stay committed and focused on achieving their fitness goals.” Carrie is very passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and feels her unique shirts will help you stay focused on your fitness goals.

I received a tank and t-shirt with the MOTIVATING words “NO EXCUSES” and “NEVER GIVE UP” from “Mirror Motivation”. The moment I put on my tank I smiled, I felt like I had a little secret weapon that was going to glide me through my workout. I smiled again between box jumps when I caught a glimpse of those motivating words in the mirror. Those simple words gave me ENERGY and STRENGTH…I guess I did have a secret weapon after all! 😉

Working out in a gym, there are mirrors EVERYWHERE! So being able to see an inspirational message every time you look in the mirror helps to remind you of your WHY for being there and give you that push to finish your workout STRONG! It’s like having a friend cheer you on and tell you how AMAZING you’re doing when you may be thinking otherwise and doubting yourself.

Are you lacking motivation? Maybe needing your own “secret weapon” to help you in reaching your goals, then YOU need one of these unique t-shirts or tanks by “Mirror Motivation”!

To find out more information on Mirror Motivation Clothing, click here. To purchase your own tees or tanks or other apparel, click here.

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