Review 1: From Mom Blogger Lannie Ott “Fit Mind Mama”

Being a mom is tough work. So often we wake up, get the kids ready, feed everyone, pack lunch boxes, prepare book bags and get the kids off to school in such a rush that we do not take care of ourselves.  I have never been big on taking care of my skin, even before kids.  So you can imagine that after kids, I still struggle to make it a priority.  When I got married, I noticed that my husband, who always struggled with acne as a teenager, had a more intense facial regimen than I did!  My regimen consisted of wiping my face with a wash cloth to get the makeup off before bed. Occasionally, a new product would come out and I would buy it to try it out and then give up on it. It was too much work for little result. So after I got married, I began washing my face with his face wash in the shower and noticed some great results.

About a year ago, my husband gifted me with a facial from a local spa for my birthday.  It was amazing!  I would suggest you try one if you never have.  After that appointment, I spared no expense and bought a ton of product to begin using on my face.  I saw significant changes in my skin!  Well, I recently was given the opportunity to try products by Skin Authority.  Now, keep in mind, I like minimal.  Just a few quick items I can use on a daily basis.  I mean, I now want to take care of my skin, but I am still a mom with minimal time to sit and pamper my face. I would love to sit in a spa all day but that is just not reality.

Initially, I received an email and a phone call from a skin expert who asked me questions about my routine.  She also asked about issues that I have with my skin, my skin type, and a few other talking points to determine the best products for me.  Let me just say, she was awesome!  I think that is why I loved the facial, because I had someone who was concerned about keeping my skin healthy and beautiful.  Once I had my phone interview, my package was shipped a few days later.

The awesome thing about the product is that you only have to use a pea sized amount, so it lasts a while.  Honestly, the price is slightly higher than I would normally pay but equivalent to the product that I bought for my birthday a year ago.  So I am pretty sure that if you want good product, you will not find it at Wal-Mart.  So the items I received were:


Daily Cleanser: This product is meant to clean the face and remove oil, dirt and make up. This has a great “clean” smell when washing my face.  I am sensitive to smells and this does not bother my allergies.

Sunscreen Moisturizer: Sunscreen is important to use on a daily basis in order to decrease possibility of sunspots and discoloration in the future.  This sunscreen has a light sunscreen smell and helps me spread on my foundation smoothly.

Night Revitalizer: This product is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines.  This is the softest feeling product!  It glides onto my skin and feels so smooth.  It also does not have a smell that overpowers and causes an allergic reaction.

All the above products come in the Essential Skin Kit.


Hyperpigmentation Treatment: This product is supposed to reduce spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation and give you a “more even skin tone”.  I have lots of brown spots on my face from freckles to changes in my face during pregnancy.  This also feels great when it goes on because it is silky smooth.

These products are great so far, and I have enjoyed using this routine because it is super easy!  I have also received follow up calls from the skin expert!  I usually wash my face twice daily, so there was no extra step in using the cleanser.  I generally use a moisturizer prior to putting on my make up, so again, no addition in my routine.  The two extras in my routine included the hyperpigmentation cream and the night revitalizer. Honestly, they add an extra minute to my evening routine, which is easy!  I have really enjoyed the products and my skin feels great.

These products may feel great on my skin, but the real question is did they actually work.  I did feel like my skin looked in better shape.  The bags under my eyes did not seem as bad.  I also noticed that my freckles did lighten slightly.  I mean, I have a ton of freckles, so I would be shocked if they disappeared completely.  Regardless of overwhelming evidence of decreased freckles, my skin feels great.  There have been nights where I wash my face in the shower and feel too tired to complete the routine, however I have found myself getting back out of bed because my regimen does not feel complete and my skin needs the nourishment.

Overall, I have enjoyed the entire process from the consult to the changes in my skin.  I would definitely consider continuing this process for years to come.  If you are in the market for a new skin routine, I would give Skin Authority a try!  Their team is so helpful and their products work great and feel great.

Review 2: Mom Blogger Charity Kinneer “Educated Momma”

I’ll admit that I’ve never been great at taking care of my skin.  I was a lifeguard for many years and think I probably only wore sunscreen a handful of times.  Growing up in Florida, I suppose my skin was accustomed to the sun, and instead of burning, I always tanned a nice brown.  Something happened to my skin after having kids.  Suddenly I burned just walking from my car to my house.  (Not really, but you get the point.)  When I was pregnant with my youngest son, I had to take weekly progesterone shots and the extra progesterone gave me lovely pregnancy spots on my face.  My doctors assured me these would fade with time but four and a half years later, I’m still sporting the brown spots around my temples.  Needless to say, I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to review the Skin Authority products.

The first thing I absolutely loved about this company was the one on one personal coaching.  A Skin Authority representative contacted me and assured me that she would be my go-to person from beginning to end.  She and I talked about my current skin care regimen and then what I was looking for in a skin care product.  I told her of my pregnancy spots and my newly wrinkled forehead – 33 has been a tough year.

After our phone consultation, she was able to recommend six products and a daily regimen for using those products.  She emailed me a detailed explanation of how to use the products and what order to use them in both for my morning routine and night.  Each routine only consisted of three steps which made implementing a skin care routine so easy, especially for someone who had been accustomed to falling asleep with her makeup on. (I can’t believe I just admitted that…but there it is in print for all to see!)

The six products included in my regimen were:

Daily Cleanser: An antibacterial gel that removes dirt, oil and cell build-up while normalizing pH.


Super-C Serum: This product provides enhanced protection to help prevent premature aging and skin cancer. Perfect for someone who spent years worshipping the sun.

Sunscreen Moisturizer:  Lightweight, dual action formula that moisturizes and protects against full-spectrum UV damage.


Resurfacing Accelerator:  Powerful exfoliating gel that dissolves cell build-up and trapped discoloration to smooth rough texture and brighten treated areas.

Night Revitalizer: Multi-action cream that exfoliates skin, stimulating turnover and opening pathways for hydrators, vitamins and antioxidants while you sleep.


Moisturizing Lift Cream: Luxurious Skin Growth Factor formula with a unique ionic charge designed to hydrate and firm dry, depleted and sagging skin.

About a week after my phone consultation, my products arrived in the mail.  I was very excited to begin using them, and I can say after using them for over 60 days, I was not disappointed.  My skin has never been so smooth!  My pregnancy spots are slowly fading, and I no longer require such a large amount of cover-up to hide them.  I’ve even gone to the store once or twice since using the products without make-up on!

Having tried many different products to fade the pregnancy spots including one prescription cream, I was thrilled to finally notice a difference in the degree to which the spots were visible.  My skin care coach didn’t disappoint either and she’s contacted me several times throughout the process both by email and phone.  And those wrinkles that I mentioned? Nearly gone!

Whatever your skin care needs, I’m absolutely positive that Skin Authority has the product to meet those needs.  If you’re looking for a natural product without parabens, dyes, added fragrances, or animal testing, this is the product for you!

Review 3: Mom Blogger Jillian O’Keefe “Jugglin’ Mama”

I think we’re always on the hunt for the best and most useful products. Personally, I’ve been in search of the perfect skin care line since I was a teenager. I’ve tried everything and every brand and nothing has given me the results I want. Initially my face might look good, but after a short while, my skin goes back to the way it was before, dull and greasy. Yuck!  Recently, Skinny Mom gave me the opportunity to give some of Skin Authority’s products a try and so far I am in love.

Skin Authority is a prestige skin care line, chosen by beauty experts, celebrities, and the media for skin care performance that produces immediately visible results and continued improvement.

Skin Authority is different than many lines because before you are given products to use, you must meet with one of their skin consultants. You’re asked a series of questions that leads the consultant to determine which products are best for you. My consultant, Iris, had me describe my previous regimen (astringent at night, facial wash in the mornings) and then came up with the plan that I would follow.

Right off the bat, Iris noticed that I did not have a complicated regimen and wanted to stick with that, since that was what I was used to. However, I advised her that the only reason I used the products I did was because my face wasn’t constantly breaking out with them, but that I was willing to try something new and more complicated.

After she had determined what would work for me, she went through and described, in detail, the steps that I would need to take and when to use each item. She also reviewed the purpose of every product and advised me that it could take up to 21 days for my skin to adjust to the new routine, but that I should begin seeing improvements immediately.

I received my package on a Thursday evening. Friday morning I received two emails from Iris. The first was the list of instructions that she had previously shared with me over the phone and the second was letting me know that she was available any time. I was so excited to get to work using my new stuff.


My routine consists of Exfoliating Cleanser and Age Defying Moisturizer SPF 18  in the morning and in the evenings. I use the same Exfoliating Cleanser, Resurfacing Accelerator and Night Revitalizer.


I also received the Calming Mask that I can use to spot treat or use it as a full face mask weekly. I love it! I love how my skin feels after immediately washing and applying my lotions and creams. It feels smooth and fresh, something I haven’t experienced with any of the skin care I’ve used previously. And for those of you who are sensitive to scents (like myself), everything I received is scent-free and has not caused a single headache.

I’m still in the initial 21-day period, but I assure you that I will be continuing my relationship with Iris and Skin Authority long into the future. Iris has also assured me that she will check-in with me at the 21-day mark to see how I am feeling and I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm for her and for her product on that call.

I love the ease of access to all of Skin Authority’s products, and even though my routine has 2 steps in the morning and 3 (or 4) at night, I never feel overburdened. Each step is quick, plus I feel phenomenal, which is really the most important thing, isn’t it?

Now, hurry on over to Skin Authority and give their luxurious products a try!

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