Bob, Trey and I celebrating his first race win in Dallas, TX
While I was contemplating what I wanted to write about this week I kept coming back to the fact that I wanted to give you, the readers of Skinny Mom, a quick window into my world so that there would be context to the topics, ideas and concepts I would like to explore during this journey.

My husband and I went back and forth discussing this blog and he had the brilliant idea of coining my blogging alias as “300 mph mommy”. Let me give you the background on this, as it is quite cleaver. My husband is a top fuel drag racer and team owner. For those of you who are not familiar with this form or racing (as I was not just four years ago) these are dragsters that race at speeds of 300 mph and greater in less than 4 seconds. Sounds intense, huh!

His profession is a family endeavor, we often travel with him to races across the country (my son and I will miss just 5 this season) but even if we are not in attendance, the race is never far from our thoughts 23 weekends out of the year.

However, that’s only half the reason why I felt my new pen name was right on target. We, like many of you, lead a very busy lifestyle. I have two wonderful step daughters (ages 11 and 13), a 17-month old son and another baby boy on the way in 33 days (who’s counting?)! Our kids are truly my heart and soul; life has quickly transformed to become all about them in the best ways imaginable. We manage to squeeze in full-time jobs, daily exercise and even regular mommy/daddy alone time. This isn’t to say our schedule is easy or even downright manageable, but somehow everything always seems to work out, even if it’s at a speed of 300 mph!

I look forward to sharing with you my take on life at home, on the road and everything in between the staging lanes (racing reference).