For someone like me with DD’s, workout bra’s have always been my Achilles Heel. But I shouldn’t have to give up style, comfort or hundreds of dollars for a great fitting workout bra. According to the fit experts over at Moving Comfort, 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. The reason being, most women change size quickly due to weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, and gravity and don’t get re-fitted. They also say you should get measured every year to ensure you are in the correct size. Here are some great tips to make sure you are in the right size:

  1. With your bra on, scoop your breast up to a comfortable place. If you have spillage from the top or sides, your bra is too small.
  2. If you have on your workout bra and there is rippling on the front, your bra might be too big. The fabric should be smooth and hug the curve of your breasts.
  3. The band of your workout bra should lay across your back and not ride up. If it does, your bra might be too small or you need to adjust the straps.
  4. For a more custom fit, make sure your straps are not digging into your skin or sliding off.
  5. As always, the best way to insure you are in the right size bra is to get professionally fitted by a bra sizing expert. You should contact a department store or a lingerie store before visiting to ensure they have a bra specialist in that particular location.

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