When it comes to being fashionable, 21st century moms-to-be are in a much better boat than our predecessors, who generally had little choices other than unflattering garments that had a disturbing resemblance to potato sacks. If you’ve ever been maternity shopping with your mother, she probably didn’t hesitate to tell you how lucky you are to have so many options.

Although the maternity racks are lined with outfits showcasing your little (or not so little) belly miracle, some pieces need a little extra help. That’s where a belt comes in handy! Stick a stretchy belt above your belly, and you have instant shape added to an otherwise roomy piece that might make you look more like a baby elephant than the adorable mama-to-be that you are. Right now, your slimmest area is most likely just under your bust, and a belt will show that off.

I’ve found that a belt over the belly has come in handy for some of my regular clothes as well. Have a flowy dress you always loved? Add a belt over your belly, and it’s an instantly charming maternity must-have (soooo comfy!). It also works with large sweaters and tunics.

Choose your belts wisely.You’ve already got a little womb-inhabitant who’s fighting for space, so a tight and/or bulky belt can add to your discomfort. Thin and stretchy belts that don’t need to be pulled tight will be the most comfortable. Plus, we all know that pregnancy can be hard on your body, and I’ve found that if you dress attractively and comfortable you tend to feel better about yourself and pregnancy in general!

Photo Credit: http://shop.nordstrom.com