Happy New Year! Some of you may be looking to lose a few pounds this year, race to the finish in your first marathon, achieve financial success or maybe you just want to try a new look. With a little research and some experimenting, I have compiled a few basics to help you achieve the perfect look for your eyes.

Mascara Basics 101

Use the tip of your mascara wand to boost fullness (don’t forget the lower lashes). Apply mascara directly to ends of lashes in an upward direction. Do this a few times to add more drama and fullness. Curling your lashes always adds dimension and fullness too. I recommend Lancôme Hypnose Drama Doll Lash mascara. One quick swipe in the morning always brightens the eyes for the carpool lane. The longer your lashes appear, the bigger your eyes appear.

The Best Color Palette for Your Eyes:

Brown Eyes: Use pinks and golds

Blue Eyes: Select soft blues, coppers or browns

Green Eyes: Warm sandy shades work best

Hazel Eyes: Greens, browns and blues compliment the depth of hazel eyes

*Blue shadows work for every eye color.

Not sure exactly how to apply the shades? A great fool proof way of application is to experiment with one of Almay’s “intense i-color smoky-i” kits. You can select a palette for your color of eye and go as bold and dramatic as you like. A good rule of thumb for a nice, natural look is to apply a mid-tone shade on the lid as a base and add the darkest shade to the crease for contour. Add the lightest shade on the brow bone for highlight.

Want to create a Smoky Eye? Remember to blend, blend, blend…this creates the perfect gradation of color so the eye shadows do not appear streaky. Always remember to keep the majority of color around the lash line. This will create structure and shape which helps to enhance the size of the eye. An eye-opening trick is to apply color eye shadow on the base of the eyelid and a darker color at the crease. This will add dimension to the face. Be sure to maintain a clean shape of the eye brow – follow the natural arch and only pluck stray hairs. If you’re looking for more impact, sweep a warm colored eye shadow along the lower lashes, which will draw attention to the whole contour of the eye.

Maybe you are in a hurry and just want a fresh look, sans makeup? The best way to get a wide-eyed awake look is to keep the brows thick and full. Wear a bright lip color with no mascara or shadow on the eyes, this will make your eyes appear bigger.

To make your eyes POP, select shades that either complement or contrast with your eye color and dab a pearl-colored eyeliner along the inner corner of the eyes to illuminate the area around the nose. Be sure to use light colors on lids to draw attention to the shape of your eyes if you wear glasses.

How to Enhance your Eyes by Eye Shape:

Round Eyes: Just a light sweep of color; pastel or neutral, apply the color on the lid only up to the crease. Dark shadow on the lids can make eyes look sunken and hollow. For a more serious or dramatic look, apply a small amount of a darker shade right in the center of the lid above the lash line. Use the brush to fade it out toward both sides of the lid. To add depth, go with a medium to dark shade on the crease. Apply the color past the outer corner to make the eyes appear bigger.

Eyes Hooded with a Lid: Try a light eye-opening matte color applied directly to the lid; a shade lighter than your skin tone. Top it off with a shimmering shadow at the outer corner of the eye lid crease. Your eyes will appear wider and more open.

Almond Shaped Eyes: This is considered the perfect eye shape. For you lucky ladies, almost every type of shadow works great! Mix browns and purples for a smoky eye – select three or four colors. Medium color on the lids, the darkest shade along the outer corners of the top and bottom eyelashes. Add some to the crease of the eye. On the upper part of the eye, use the lightest shade. Use a brush and gently sweep back and forth across the eye shadow blending all the shades. For an everyday look, use a medium shade all over and a darker shade on the outer lid, highlight under the brow line with a lighter shade.

Close Set Eyes: Create the illusion that the eyes are wider apart by using light colors in the inner corner and darker colors on the outside of the eyes. Extend the darker shadow slightly past the eyes and line the outer two-thirds of each eye with eyeliner.

Deep Set Eyes: Use a light color all over the lid. Applying a complimentary lighter color under the brows will make the eyes appear to have large lids. Use a medium shade on the crease to make the crease more prominent.

Small Eyes: Use a light or shimmering shade all over the lid. Apply a darker color to the crease. Add a highlighter under the brow line to make the eyes appear larger.

Experiment with different shades and colors to get the best look for your skin tone and eye shape.