Welcome Spring…welcome March Madness! Madness for cookies that is! Why is it every Spring when I am trying to get my body back into Summertime shape, I have to think about, obsess about, Girl Scout Cookies!? It always happens this way…I get past all the winter holidays, even Valentine’s Day, with tons of restraint. I do my best on controlling my calorie intake for all those wonderful, once-a-year, holiday meals and splurges, all to come face-to face with a cute little Girl Scout selling cookies at my front door in March. How can I resist?! She always comes to the door about an hour before dinner, right when I am starving and have little self-control for sweets. I end up ordering way too many boxes of cookies thinking I can freeze them til next year or put them in my daughters lunch boxes for a year. It never happens. The cookies I ordered end up being delivered, again right before dinner when I am my most hungry, and I put them all on the counter and wonder why I sabotage myself so much every year. Do you do this too or am I the only crazy Girl Scout Cookie lover out there?
The real test is opening up my pantry door and seeing them day after day. Are the kids eating them? Why did I do this again? I have to remind myself every year at this time that consistency and moderation is the key to a healthy diet. I get the consistency part right because I consistently order Girl Scout Cookies every year. Now I just have to practice the moderation part. Here is a tip…as you get your cookies out of the box, ALWAYS re-read the calorie content of each portion. This will truly help you with portion control. They are wonderful cookies, but the calories can get out of hand pretty quickly if you just go right in the box and grab a handful without thinking. Another tip is to just have ONE portion a day, for me it is just two Peanut Butter Patty cookies a day. They end up being 2 cookies for 140 calories. Once a day isn’t bad, but if I kept going back hour after hour, two cookies at a time, the calories would add up…and so would my weight.
Don’t despair over Girl Scout Cookies….rejoice! Be happy those little girls in green, holding order forms and knocking on your door at dinnertime, come back year after year. Why? Because, the little girls and their cookies will remind you to enjoy the good things in life. They will remind you to always be aware of the calorie content of the foods you eat and to always practice moderation and portion control. We can do it…and if we can’t we gotta freeze the cookies!

Laura Vikmanis