Wahoo! We did it, Marathon Moms! We ran/walked our marathons through rain, fog, wind, heat, and cold (all of the above here in South Dakota). So, how are you feeling? Here is your pat on the back and a great big hug from me to you!

Looking back over the month, that extra mile per day did more than just up my fitness level. I chose to get in my mile outdoors on most mornings. This seemed like the perfect time to reflect as I ran around town, greeting neighbors and inhaling the fresh, crisp air. That being said, there were several times that I felt rushed due to a crazy schedule (imagine that). Those mornings were times where I broke up the mile and did a half right away in the morning, and tacked the other half onto my regular workout routine. Guess what? It felt GREAT! So great in fact, that this is one of my new fitness goals: add an extra mile with every workout. While there will be many days where a short and intense circuit workout fits better into the schedule, on most days, I do intend to keep it up. Are many of you also happy to keep up the extra mile? How about we do this together?


All of you Marathon Moms are an inspiration! Whether you participated in the Marathon Mom Challenge, or you run actual marathons, each and every one of you has taken the effort and the steps to be healthy and to stay strong! Cheers to you all and here’s to many more marathons!