stressed mom

Since my daughter was almost three, she has wanted to be in different activities; ballet, soccer, t-ball, and so on. I believe this may have something to do with me being a stay-at-home-Mama and her wanting to be around other kids, or maybe she is just active. Either way, I have been happy to indulge her. And as my youngest became old enough to participate in activities, I have found much of my week eaten up by their classes and practices. This is not something I typically mind, however, I am beginning to miss the quiet evenings with my family and family dinners. And now that school is about to start at the end of August, we will be adding full days of new experiences to our lives, so how in the world does one family keep the stress low and the love and fun high? I have a few ideas that often work during my most stressful days and as the saying goes, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Now, I do not believe in that completely, but I do know that one stressed person in a family makes it difficult for everyone in the family.

So, how do we Mama’s deal with this stress and keep our families running smooth and happy? In my opinion, we need to take time for ourselves doing something we love to do. It also helps to workout, something I am still working on, because endorphins are released when we are physically active. These endorphins are excellent for battling the negatives that stress can cause to our bodies and minds. In fact, according to this article¬†you can read all about how exercise is able to improve brain function and mood. This is extremely important to us parents who need to be at the top of our mental and physical game to create the best lives for us and our families. An exercise that I use when I start to feel stress building up is yoga. The deep breathing techniques that I practice through my study of yoga have helped me to keep my stress levels at a more manageable place.

Now that we have a few ideas on how to keep Mama’s stress down, how do we keep this pressure and stress from affecting our children? The truth is, we cannot keep all pressure and stress from our kids and they need a certain amount of these to develop healthy management techniques. But, we can limit the pressure we put on them so that they are more able to focus on their activity and the learning experience and fun they have. We can also make certain that they eat a well balanced diet and get enough activity and rest to keep their bodies and minds strong, this is not a bad idea for us Mama’s either. I promise, that load of laundry will still be there in the morning! Here is a helpful article on how much sleep our families require to give us that best ability to fight stress and stay healthy. Sweet dreams and keep that stress down, Mamas!