Eye Popping Brights of the Season

It’s the return of one of fashion’s hottest trends…NEON! Right about now you may be having an 80’s flashback. Remember the Body Glove swimsuits? The outrageously bright t-shirts? Ultra-Bright athletic wear? Well, it has made a come-back and a pretty fashionable one at that.

How does one incorporate this into their daily wardrobe without going overboard, appearing as a lost model who walked off the Spring/Summer 2012 runway and stumbled into the street looking frantically for her coffee? These bright color trends can be wearable by anyone. It just takes a little imagination and everything in moderation.

Begin by emphasizing a feature you admire, say your eyes or your lips (think shades of pinks, reds and oranges). Accentuate that perfect pout with a bright lip gloss or lip stain like ‘Be You Lip Stain’ or ‘Crystal Gloss’ from SEPHORA. For the eyes try ‘Prima Chrome’ eye shadow also available at SEPHORA . If you prefer not to incorporate the bright colors into your makeup routine add a beautiful neon green Marc Jacobs bag to your wardrobe. This may just be the “pop-of-color” you need to take your outfit from sophisticated to WOW, she’s a woman who knows what she wants. Splurge on a pair of Brian Atwood ‘Alima’ neon patent pumps and a Michael Kors Exclusive Tie-Dye Skinny scarf  or featherweight cashmere scarf to give your confidence a boost. For a little “Fun on fingers, fun-tastic on toes, add that must-have jolt of color to your style” with a color from the ‘Brights’ collection by OPI. When you signal for a cab or wave hello to a friend they’ll be dying to know the name of  that nail lacquer you’re sporting – “That’s Hot Pink”,  “Need Sunglasses” or “Teal The Cows Come Home” from OPI are just a few inspiring shades to choose from.

Perhaps that splash of color…turquoise, lime green, electric blue, hot pink, screaming yellow or orangeade is best suited poolside or at the beach. Try throwing on a colorful sarong or cover-up with a pair of jeweled flip-flops or maybe a vibrant Tankini with black briefs. Tote your beachside goodies in a colorful straw beach bag. Whatever suits your style and makes you comfortable. Just be you with a sprinkle of neon!

Photo courtesy of www.piercemattiepublicrelations.com