If you’re like me, then you probably try to make the healthiest version of your family’s favorite foods whenever you can, and when feeding you toddler, that should still ring true.

Have you ever considered trying to make your own baby food?  It’s much easier that you probably think.  When you look at baby food labels you are usually faced with these problems: unhealthy additives and preservatives, organic foods that cost a fortune and doesn’t last long. Your solution to this is to make your own food whenever you can.

I admit I was a little scared of trying this, because I thought you had to be supermom to pull it off.  But, in the spirit of “I’ll try it to say I tried it”, I gave it a shot and it turned out better than I ever could’ve expected and I never even had to invest in a high dollar baby food maker!

I went to Half Price Books in the beginning for some baby recipe books (found at most book stores and online).  I looked at age appropriate foods for my son, which at the time was 5 months.  My first recipe was mashed and pureed avocados.  At first, my son was a bit unreceptive (keep in mind this was still his first food ever), but after a few attempts he gobbled it up!

I would usually steam my veggies in a quick rice steamer just to make them soft enough to blend, which is especially helpful if you use any frozen veggies.  After a few minutes in the steamer (usually about 10), I’d dump them into the blender, add a little of the steamer water which contains some of the lost nutrients released by the steaming process, blend it up and….instant baby food. Next, I’d scoop a few spoonfuls into a clean ice cube freezing tray (making for the perfect serving size per meal) and stick it in the freezer.  In a few hours, or when I woke up the next day, I had 12 serving ready to go.  To make things easy, and so I could continue to use the ice tray, I’d throw them all in a little ziploc bag. I’d have a bag of sweat potato cubes, pea cubes, and whatever else I thought of.  When I was ready to use one, I’d simply put it in a bowl and microwave it for about 15 seconds.  It was soft enough to smush but not too hot to eat.

Not only did it help lessen constipation and gas, but it made those already unpleasant diaper changes a little more bearable.   It felt great being able to do this for my son!  Especially since I’m a working mom, I really cherish these little extras.  When I knew I was going to be out all day or for emergencies, I still bought a few jars of the organic baby food that was a bit more expensive.  The great thing was that since I made most of my own baby food myself, I didn’t mind spending a little more on the good store bought stuff.

If I can do it, believe me, anyone can. It’s a really fun and cost effective way to make sure your little one is getting the best and safest versions of the foods he or she needs. The greatest thing about making your own baby food is that you know without a doubt that it was made safely with nothing added into it but a little extra love!!