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I am a mommy-to-be, due any day now! Besides being so excited, I am worried about the aftereffect of my life being completely different – in a good way, of course. The importance of still maintaining myself and keeping up with my wellbeing is a necessity for any mom; we must keep our sanity! Luckily I am a very scheduled, organized kind of person and make lists constantly to ease all of my thoughts and errands that need to be completed. I have a wonderful supportive family and know that if I need time to myself for an hour or two, I can find it easily.  

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1. Maintaining my relationship: As far as making time for myself, my man and I have come to the agreement to never lose ourselves and our relationship. We agreed to have a date night every other week, if not once a week. Whether it’s a quick dinner, a movie, a cocktail and dessert, anything just the two of us do to spend time together alone.

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2. Doing what I love: To keep up on my weekly regimen, I will have to see when the babys schedule is to work around it, of course, but I will have to complete my workout early in the morning before she wakes to get myself going. As far as my physical upkeep, these sorts of things can be done just hanging around; for example, it doesnt take long to apply a face mask and that makes me feel great! Even if it’s as little as 10-30 minutes a day to sit and read a book, call a close friend to laugh, stick a new recipe in the oven, maybe even do a little online shopping, or my latest addiction, Word Search on my phone, I try to take the time to just think about nothing else, light a candle that smells delicious and take a cat nap. Satisfying my creative side is always a treat, too. Adult coloring books, DIY beauty products, decorating, making rag quiltsTurning your brain off even just for a little makes all the difference in your attitude and mood in general.

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3. Create time for you: Taking time for yourself helps with regaining focus and coming back to your priorities with enjoyment and with recharged batteries. It takes work but the end results are so rewarding and worth every minute. There are only 24 hours in a day, but in every single day there are small time frames for you to take and seize for yourself, such as arriving fifteen minutes early for appointments you may have to breathe alone for a few moments. If you work, take your lunch somewhere different from the everyday lunch room. If you need to take a walk to the mailbox, take a couple extra minutes to soak in the fresh air. Practicing doing nothing is as important as getting your priorities done. Don’t try to make a thing of it either, keep your brain light in these moments and dont check the clock; this defeats the whole purpose.

I used to think that making metime was selfish and maybe a bit overrated, but it is so true that to keep yourself healthy, radiate positivity and all-around good vibes, you have to feel wonderful yourself. Becoming a mom isnt a reason to lose yourself, I believe its a reason to simply become more of who you are.