One of the most common reasons we put off exercise is because it seems like a chore or a dreaded responsibility, rather than something we look forward to. It is something we KNOW we SHOULD do, but is often overshadowed by other mundane things we consider “more important” when faced with the last minute decision, am I going to work out or am I going to ___ instead?

Instead of soul searching for some unconnected motivation to get your booty to the gym when you just aren’t feeling it, why not make your workouts fun instead? Isn’t fun the one quality that separates our hobbies from our chores? Stop making yourself miserable in a gym if that’s not where you are happy! There are MANY other activities you can do alone, with a friend, with a group, or with your entire family that burns major calories, tones your muscles, and gives you new experiences and the chance to meet new people!

One of the ways I make my fitness fun is through sand volleyball. It is honestly the thing I look forward to most every week. I play on two teams, playing twice a week; one with three friends of mine and one with my boyfriend and some family friends. We play one match a night that is 1 hour long and then we play pick up games for about 4-5 more hours both nights. It is a TREMENDOUS workout. Even before the night is over, my glutes, quads, calves, shoulders, back, and abs are sore. You seriously work every muscle when you play and in the mornings I LOVE the way I feel after a long night of sand volleyball.

While I do my best to workout 4-5 days a week, 2 of my workouts are something I truly look forward to. It is a workout routine I would choose over a movie with my friends, going to a nice dinner, or even shopping! I can’t say I feel the same way about the rest of my workouts, but at least I have 2 super active nights that I can’t wait for every week.

How do you make your fitness fun? Do you play intramural sports? Attend fitness classes? And, if you don’t make your fitness fun, NOW is the time to start!!

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