It’s that time again, ladies. Warmer weather not only means brighter and lighter clothing, it’s also a time to switch out your makeup for colors and textures that whisper goodbye to winter and scream hello to summer!

  • Wear the right colors for your hair… If you’re like most women, your hair color seems to change with the passing seasons. While you may be lucky enough to look beautiful in any color, your makeup is not quite as versatile. If you’re a brunette, focus on rich shades of coral and peach to make your features pop and avoid pale pinks that will make you look washed out. Red heads should choose yellow based foundations to counteract ruddiness in their skin tone and shoot for gold, bronze and light peachy tones. Blondes are always pretty in pink and can vary between shades of pale pink to bright raspberry.
  • Wear the right colors for your eyes… Just like hair color, pairing the right eye makeup to your eye color can be the difference between boring and beautiful. Blue eyes look amazing in metallic shades of gold and silver. For daytime, stick to a light shade of silver or gold, and then pair that metallic shade with a dark blue or green at night to really make your eyes pop. Green eyes can venture to the bolder end of the color spectrum. While shimmery shades of gold and copper look amazing, adding deep shades of purple and forest green really opens the eye and demands attention. Brown eyed girls are the most fortunate since nearly every shade works on them; however, it is best to stick to deep shades. Try a smoky shade of gray or black as your base color and then sprinkle in some dark blue or purple. Few things say sexy like big, brown, smoldering eyes.
  • Summer proof your makeup… Invest in good waterproof makeup, especially eye makeup. Every company from Maybelline to Makeup Forever has gorgeous shades of eye shadows, eyeliners and even mascara in budge proof formulas to suit your summer needs. Remember to choose lighter shades for the day and leave the more dramatic looks for date nights, and spontaneous skinny dips.
  • It’s Prime Time… Investing in a good foundation primer is your absolute best defense against the mid-day makeup slide. Primers not only help to set the foundation but they also even out skin tone and help to minimize pores. A favorite among beauty lovers is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It comes in many different colors and they even offer one that gives your skin that “glowing from within” appearance.
  • Keep it light… If you are lucky enough to have skin that doesn’t require foundation to cover it, then for Heaven’s sake, don’t! Switching from heavy foundations to tinted moisturizer not only gives your face a dewy summer glow, it also allows skin to breathe and helps keep summertime blemishes at bay. Also remember to switch out heavy lipsticks for tinted glosses and balms to give lips that, “kiss me you fool” kind of look.
  • Bronze it up baby… Now, lying in the sun for hours on end may not be the smartest idea, but investing in some good self tanner and bronzing powder most definitely is! If you’re fair skinned, stick to lighter shades to avoid that fake orange look and if you’re medium to dark, bronze on girl! Be sure to exfoliate before applying your tan and follow all directions carefully. Use powdered bronzer on your face to highlight where the sun would naturally hit (temples, cheeks and nose) and then follow up with just a touch of blush. Pairing bronzed skin with a few coats of mascara offers more than enough glamour for a lazy Sunday picnic.

So break out those bronzers, gloss up those lips, and get those eyes a poppin’! Summer is right around the corner, and it’s patiently waiting on you to get gorgeous and get going!