I have always loved the holiday season! From the first of October through New Years, I could not be a happier person. I decorate my house, dress-up, and am basically a child again…what could be better, right? Well, I found out that there was something, or should I say someone better! Having my children, I learned that the holidays took on a whole new meaning and all the rough parts of being a parent are even more worthwhile. I mean, seriously, how amazing is it to get to relive the holiday magic with your kids and make changes to crank up the magic quotient?

Now we come to the place where most parents, myself included, tend to overdo… presents! It is true toys are way more exciting than when we were kids, and yes, there are tons more of them. Also, they are more difficult to get into! But, as I have been a part of my little sister’s Christmases, then my nephew’s, and finally my own kids, I have found that the gifts may be exciting briefly, but they get forgotten fairly quickly. What remains are the memories – baking cookies, decorating the tree, making projects, and any other traditions old and new that take place. I am still a fairly new mom, my oldest daughter just turned six, but I have already decided that Christmas gifts are fantastic, but the memories I make with my children and our family each year are so much more.

So, what are your favorite holiday memories? Family traditions? What do you hope to, or have you, started with your own family?