I was recently looking through all my Florida family vacation photos on my computer. Click after click made me realize how much I miss passing around a photo album. It’s such a joy to bond with family, and nothing brings us closer than reliving great memories. A touch screen just doesn’t match the tangible copy, and all those single photos end up lost or cluttered in drawers and over-stuffed albums. Sadly, I also had to face the truth that I’m simply not crafty enough to sustain a scrapbook.

If you want an ideal way to preserve your family photos and be able to share them with loved ones like I do, you need to check out

Get the pictures you love back in your hands with a beautiful photo book that reads like the perfect story of your life. The process is so simple and takes a lot less time than you’d think, and there’s no cutting or gluing for the scrapbook-challenged like me! You just go to, pick a theme based on your photos or event, import your pictures and start placing your photos in the pre-designed pages. If you’re more of a designer than I am, you can also design your own book from scratch.


Don’t worry – if you don’t like a specific page in’s layout, you can fully and easily customize it. There are even areas for text on the pages to put in quotes, song lyrics or dates and places if you want to.

What’s the best part about No scrambling to find the best pictures! Both my mom and sister had cameras on our Florida trip. If I was looking to make the best possible photo book with the great pictures we all took, I wanted my favorite memories captured–even if I wasn’t the one initially capturing them! So I just invited them to my account and they were able to upload their photos, too. The result: a fully personalized, premium-quality story of our family vacation — in brilliant color. It doesn’t read like an old beat up album or a sterile jpeg. You flip through it, get lost in it and relive your vacation from start to finish, just like a book.


My next one? I told all my girlfriends that we are making a “girls’ night album.” Needless to say, we’ve all started digging through our SD cards and old pictures! I have a feeling this book will have many, many volumes.

To hear how much I loved the experience and to see some of my Florida vacation pictures, check out the video below!

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.