While we would all love to think that we can schedule our workouts before and after work, there are some days when it’s just necessary to squeeze in your sweat sessions in the middle of the day. The problem is, most women find themselves either too much of a mess to function properly back at work, or have to spend a big portion of their workout time putting themselves back together again.  To help you find balance between pounding it out on the treadmill and make your locks business ready again, we’ve put together a few tips.

Photo from makeuoforever.com

Make it waterproof… If you know that today is going to be a lunchtime workout day, make sure you’re using your waterproof makeup. From mascara to foundation to blush, wearing waterproof makeup will prevent streaking and uneven color when you sweat. After your workout if you don’t have time to shower, simply apply some oil absorbing astringent on a cotton ball, wipe it over your T-Zone, then touch up your make up as needed.

Dry it out… If you’re like most women, you barely have time to work out on your lunch break, let alone time to shampoo, condition and style your hair all over again. So why not freshen up with some dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is sprayed on the roots of the hair, massaged in for a few minutes, and then styled. The powdery substance helps to absorb oil, sweat, and odor while giving your hair a little boost of volume.

Don’t forget your round brush… While flat irons and curling irons are great for giving you that perfect polished look, they take time to heat up, time to cool down, and can take countless minutes to create the style you need. If you’ve already styled your hair that day, chances are it’s not completely ruined from the workout, it simply needs to be freshened up. Use a round brush and blow dryer to get rid of sweaty bangs and flat hair. To create some curl, use a brush with a metal core. If you prefer a straight, sleek style, opt for a round brush without a metal core and one with real boar bristles.

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Fragrance up… Among the important items like your workout clothes and iPod, don’t forget to throw some deodorant and perfume in your workout bag as well. Again, if you have time to shower, then good for you, your co-workers certainly will thank you. However, if you’re short on time but smelling quite pungent, do what you can to create a mask. First, try to at least take a few minutes to wash the essential areas, even if it’s just quickly at the sink. Next apply ample amounts of deodorant followed by a few squirts of perfume. If that doesn’t quite do the trick, try lightly dusting areas like your underarms, back and chest with baby powder. This will help to absorb sweat and odors and leave you with a clean baby powder smell.

If all else fails and you know that you need to get in some kind of workout in (but without turning yourself into a sweaty mess), try switching out your regular cardio session for resistance training. Sure, you may not burn quite the same amount of calories, but you’ll still get in an amazing workout, not to mention be doing wonders for your metabolism.

Sian Bitner-Kearney