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With Memorial Day behind us and the Fourth of July just a couple of weeks away, it’s prime pool, beach, and vacation season.  And if you’re like me, you start thinking about what to pack weeks before you leave because it somehow makes vacation seem closer than it really is.  Vacation is supposed to be carefree and relaxing, and these are are my must have, low maintenance pool and beach accessories.

1.  Sea Bags Vintage Summer Satchel:  $99.  In my opinion, a beach tote needs a long strap so you can easily throw it over your shoulder and free your hands to carry other things (in my case, so I can carry my 10 month old son).  The thing I love about Sea Bag totes is that they are made from recycled sails and are handmade in the USA.  How much more Fourth of July can you get?  And, on a side note, how cute are their wine totes?

2.  Sweaty Bands:  $15 – $18.  I don’t go on any vacation without my Sweaty Bands.  You may have seen them at a marathon expo or mentioned in a fitness blog, but what I love about them is their versatility.  They keep the hair out of your face while on a morning run, at the beach, or in the pool.  And, in my case, they keep my hair back and away from the grip of my son.  They come in so many different styles and widths that you can wear them with anything and constantly change your look.

3.  Lodis Audrey Smart Phone case:  $49.  I use my smart phone case every day.  But, the practicality of it is even more apparent while on vacation.  I can put my phone, license, credit cards, and money all in one small case, and then can put it in my beach tote, throw it in my jogging stroller, or use it as a wristlet when shopping or going to dinner.

4.  San Diego Hat Company Ultrabraid Lurex Striped Floppy:  $48.  We all love having the warm sun on our face.  But, when you’re looking for some protection for your skin and relief from the heat, nothing is more stylish and functional than a big floppy hat.  This one is right on trend with a metallic color, perfect for wearing by the pool or out to lunch with a summer sun dress.

5.  Quiksilver Sunken Stripe Dress:  $49.50.  I like cover ups that are low maintenance.  Meaning they can be worn multiple ways (think skirt and dress), don’t need to be tied, and look good after being balled up in my bag.  This item by Quiksilver is the perfect example.  It’s lightweight, 100% cotton, and easy to wash and wear.  Just throw it on over your bathing suit as a dress or skirt.