Okay, I have a confession.  I splurged and bought a Vitamix.  I swore I would never spend that much money on a blender. I can get one at the local discount store for $30, so why on earth would I need to spend over $400 on a blender? I secretly laughed at the people around the demo table at Costco when they showed all the “fabulous” things you can do with a Vitamix. There is nothing I make in our kitchen that cannot be made with a “normal” blender or food processor…right?

It all began 2 months ago.  My friend Amy started posting pictures of different dinners she made with her Vitamix on Facebook.  The spaghetti sauce she talked about was the final straw.  I commented on her status update and asked if the Vitamix is really worth its high price tag.  She wrote back and said it was worth it and she is now in love with her Vitamix.  I looked at prices and thought I would get one at Christmas.  It could be a gift to myself and my husband.  He likes to cook and loves to try out different salsa recipes, so it could be a good treat for him too.  A few weeks later,  Amy messages me that QVC was having a special promotion on the Vitamix with free shipping.  This of course grabbed my attention because shipping to Hawaii is outrageous for pretty much anything.  I bit the bullet and ordered the Vitamix.  One week later, we are happily blending away.  I told my husband how much this gadget cost and he actually said it is worth it!

The salsa, soup and dips we have made in the Vitamix have been the best to come out of our kitchen!  Every morning I drink a chocolate health shake I mix with almond milk.  I usually put it in a cup that I just shake by hand and I admit it is not the best thing I have tasted, but it was tolerable.  Now I blend it in the Vitamix and it is GREAT!  A recipe book came with the blender and it has tasty recipes for all kinds of things, including smoothies.  Did I mention it also can make almond milk?  I can make my own almond or rice milk with this thing!

I know it is expensive, but I am in love with the Vitamix.  It is my new guilty pleasure.  If you need me, I will be the one making a detox smoothie in the kitchen!