One of the hallmarks of healthy eating is knowing your portion sizes. Many “naturally skinny” women are eating lots of different, and sometimes indulgent, foods but the secret is knowing when to stop. And loading up a plate or bowl with the wrong sizes is a disaster from the get-go. When you’re not at home to carefully measure your quantities, here are easy ways to “eyeball” the right size of just about everything.

GRAINS: Bread = an index card (1 ounce). Cooked grains and dry cereal = a pool ball (1/2 cup).


FRUIT AND VEGGIES: Raw fruit = a pool ball (1/2 cup). Raw veggies = a baseball (1 cup). Dried fruit = an egg (1/4 cup). Juice = the tiny juice glasses your grandmother used! (6 ounces).


BEANS, MEAT, NUTS, TOFU: Cooked meat/tofu = a deck of cards (2-3 ounces). Beans = pool ball (1/2 cup). Nuts and seeds = a ping pong call (2 ounces).


DAIRY: Cheese = 2 dominoes (1 ounce). Milk = a standard yogurt container (1 cup).


FATS: Oils, butter, half and half, whipping cream = half a walnut shell (1 tsp) or a marshmallow (1 Tbsp).