So, do you workout alone or with friends?  Which do you like?  Why do you like it?  I have heard mixed reviews and well I am going to give you my opinion (are you surprised).

woman running outside at the park

I love doing cardio alone.  I like the quiet (if the kids aren’t with me) and I really like to hear my feet hitting the pavement when I am running or totally veg out when I am on the cardio machines.  To be honest, I don’t even like music; I just put my ear buds in so that no one speaks to me (haven’t tried it, it is a fantastic deterrent).  I like to have “me” time and as selfish is that may seem, it is how I roll.  Now, before you judge me, I will say this.  I have and still organize running groups. I give you the route, you have to get it done.  I go at my own speed and if by some chance I finish before you, I will come back and meet you so that you don’t have to finish alone.  The same thing applies in races; no man gets left behind; meaning I run my race and you run yours, but whomever finishes first makes sure the last person still has someone cheering them on to the finish. So, I am a loner of sorts for cardio.

young woman doing a butterfly chest press machine at the gym

Now, let’s talk about strength training.  In the last six months, I have really started to train with heavier weights.  I wish I had a group.  Not that I can’t do it alone, just that I would like a spotter.  I also would love to get ideas from others on how to work different body parts and second set of eyes to watch form.   I know, I know that is where a trainer comes in; but this mom is on a budget.  I will say that I see a trainer for legs (my BIGGEST nemesis) twice a month.  I really thought I liked doing strength alone; but I have done it with a partner and in a group and it is fun.  This weekend, I went to a kettlebell class at Swing This Studios.  If you are in Cincinnati, I do believe Joe, the owner is the most knowledgeable kettlebell guy that I have ever met.  It was like an anatomy lesson and a workout.  The best part was there were about eight of us there and I lifted heavier and had the best form and posture when doing the lifts because of the friendly reminders.  Whatever your style, I do believe it is a good idea to once and awhile get input from others.   And if you are serious about strength training, as much as it hurts to spend the money; see a trainer once in awhile to get your routine mixed up a bit.

pilates fitness class

I’d love to hear how you workout, alone or in a group and what you love or loathe about either.  As always, be healthy, be fit and don’t let anyone but you define who you are.

Oh and I must say that I am super happy for all of the mother runners who rocked the Heart Mini events today in the cold wind and rain:  Rachel aka super speedy Rhodes, Amy rocking a PR (personal record for a half marathon), Peggy (first 5k after having baby #3), Nikki (who is always fast), Michele (whose run always involves humor), Jamie (the person who very much underestimates her abilities), Paula (super fast mom of 3), Maggie (thinks she’s slow but is NOT), my son Jake (a PR on this course) and all the other mother runners and walkers who set great examples for their kids today.  Oh and Rhonda who competed in her first figure and body building competition this weekend and brought home a lot of new bling.  Mamas everywhere are doing what some may not think is possible; you get what you give and the sky is the limit.  Step out of the box and make your dreams come true.