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Over the last several months I have become hyper-vigilant about the products my children and I use on our bodies. After a rather horrifying realization of the harmful ingredients that are in most products on the market, I have been determined to find safe, effective versions of the things we usually use. I came across the opportunity to try “Live Clean” baby products, and I couldn’t pass it up.

First released in Canada, “Live Clean” now offers their line of eco-friendly baby products in the U.S. at any Walgreens store. Their products use natural, plant-based ingredients and are completely paraben and phthalate free. Paraben and phthalate are 2 chemicals commonly found in skin care products. “Live Clean ” has even taken it a step further by using no animal ingredients, nor do they test any of their products on animals, making them a 100% vegan line of baby care essentials! Friend to the Earth and great for baby’s skin? I had to try it.

I was skeptical at first because I have tried some other eco-brands that I found disappointing. They didn’t lather or moisturize as well as I had hoped. However, after trying every product in the line, Live Clean Baby has become my favorite brand of baby skincare products so far!

I can rest assured that the bubbles my baby grabs and shoves in his mouth (what else would he do with them?) don’t contain ingredients that are going to irritate his skin – or worse, cause hormone disruption or even cancer. When I wash his hair with the shampoo it won’t irritate his eyes because it’s naturally gentle – not because it contains numbing agents that numb his eyes (yes, most “tearless” products do!). The diaper ointment protects him from rash, and the lotion leaves his (and my) skin feeling so soft. The non-petroleum jelly is a great moisture barrier, protecting his delicate skin from rash and keeps my lips from becoming chapped.

Live Clean Baby products are not only gentle on skin, but they’re also gentle on your wallet. They are value priced at only $7.99. It doesn’t get much better than that!