I knew this day was coming but it doesn’t make it easier. We planned and talked about it over the last year, yet as the day approached it was like a bomb going off in my heart. Saturday we drove up the New Jersey Turnpike and delivered our son to his new home. (Rutgers University)  Every painful mile I just sat and reflected about how we got to this point. It seems like just yesterday he started pre-school. I know we all say where did the time go, but really??? Where did it go???? Every milestone flashed through my mind, all his firsts. I was so young when I had him and doubted myself constantly whether I was doing things right, but I must have been for the most part, because I raised such an amazing son! Kevin was always such a good boy – self efficient, independent, and smart. He was always eager to learn. I know he is going to be fine living on his own; it’s me not being able to let him go that is the problem.

I know I am not alone as many parents are going through this exact same thing. As we were unpacking his things, I observed just how self efficient he is. I started thinking, “Omg! He doesn’t need me for anything”!  He is so ready to start this next chapter of his life and I am excited for him though I must admit, I am really having a hard time  and I am going to miss him terribly. Yet, as a parent, you know when it’s time for them to go. You can feel it and as hard as it is …….we must accept it.

The week prior to him leaving was so emotional for me. I wanted to spend every second with him and like all 18 year old boys he had other plans. It was fine and I survived; milking every second I could with him. The last night couldn’t have been more perfect. We all sat outside for a couple of hours just talking about this and that while  gazing up at the moon and stars; it was priceless. It is those simple moments that make up who we are as a family, and those are the moments I will miss the most.

I found this online and I must say after experiencing this; truer words were never spoken:

There is no stronger love in the world than the love of a parent for their child. One of the hardest, most bittersweet things a parent will do is wave goodbye as their child goes off to college. For 18 years that parent loved, cared for, sheltered and sacrificed for this child. In an instant, that child is sent off on their own. OUCH, right???  This is when we as parents must trust that we taught them well and prepared them this next chapter in their lives.

Treasure every second and remember that time is very unforgiving and goes by very quickly. And for all you moms sending your kids to kindergarten this Fall……..you will not feel that pain again, I promise, until you send them off to college.