I wish I had the time  self discipline to maintain my body year round. But, I don’t. I find excuses EVERYWHERE! I’m tired, I have 3 children, it’s hot outside, it’s cold outside, one cupcake won’t make a difference… So here it is folks, while I desperately strive to be perfect (insert hysterical laughing at my unattainable goal here) in all aspects of my life journey, I struggle. I will share my downfalls with you all now…

  • I don’t like to put laundry away. I am such a spaz about how things get folded, and where they need to go I avoid it, even text my besty about how I am staring at them, wishing they’d magically put themselves away.
  • I don’t like cardio. At all. Seriously, Zumba, Sh’bam, running, cycling… well, I do honestly like cycling, I could do it for hours. Anyways moving on. I don’t like to feel winded. Cardio stinks, where are my weights?
  • I rarely push myself. I need someone next to me to push myself into competitive mode. My husband, however, doesn’t count. I KNOW he’s stronger, faster, and has more of a drive than I do. I need him to support and motivate me. But, if I ever saw you running on the road, you better believe I’d catch up and pass you! (and then duck into a ditch and pass out from over exertion!)
  • With that being said, I actually prefer to workout by myself. Even in the gym, I feel like I have to prove something to others if they are around… good, bad I’m not sure, just a little fact about Lindsey (obviously I’m a headcase haha)
  • I have a horrible habit of getting in ridiculous shape, being satisfied and then instead of continuing to work just as hard, I slack. I don’t go to extreme’s mind you, but when I maintain a low body fat percentage for the majority of the time, when that muscle starts to soften up, and 3-6 lbs creep on it is QUITE the physical change to my body.
  • I eat whatever I want. Disclaimer: I eat pretty well as it is. But if I want a cupcake, I eat it. If I want to eat half a bag of dove chocolate (OMGOODNESS!) I’ll do it. I feel horrible afterwards, but sometimes it’s what a mama needs.
  • I have a stack of magazine almost as tall as my bed. I think. While I plan on organizing them (I actually have done this before and it’s amazing, maybe my next post!) I again find a fantastic excuse to not do it and just keep building that tower of mine.
  • I literally plan my showers around when I am going to workout, I have well-water at my house, it is annoying, ruins clothing, my hair, my shower, etc.
  • I go through food “habits”. One month, all my go-to munching will be edamame, the next rice cakes, the next, chemically made packed with sugar helps me pack on the lbs sour patch cherries, currently it’s white popcorn, carrots and ranch, and fiber one cereal w/o milk, I don’t like cereal with milk ever, it’s always a snack for me.
  • I don’t like water. (I do better drinking it with ice through a straw…if one more of my tumblers gets “stolen” at work, this fit mama may need to throw down… j/k but seriously, who steals someone else’s tumbler?)
  • I’m a recovering soda drinker and still have the occasional glass.
  • I don’t say “thank you” enough. I am so scared that if I truly show people how grateful I am, I’d be bouncing off the walls looking like an idiot and they’d think I was faking it, or needing to be committed somewhere. So I typically say it once, but feel incredibly indebted to the person for what feels like years!
  • I use “mommy time-outs”. I don’t like to lose my temper with my children, I often ask myself “would I allow someone else to talk to my children this way?” If the answer is no, I don’t say it, (or shout it…) I slip up sometimes, and that’s when I know this real mama needs a real break!

All in all, I never let any of these things control me, bring me down, or ruin my goals. They give me things to improve on, and remind me that I’m not going to be perfect! So while sometimes it may seem like I’ve got “it” (whatever “it” is) together, let’s face it, we are all falling apart somewhere somehow, but the beauty is we get to keep building. And as a result, keep changing and becoming better people!