We all know kids love to play in the mud and water. Give them a reason to get dirty, and they will jump at the chance. That’s why the third annual “Let’s Keep It Clean” Mud Festival in Perryville, MO will be such a big hit. On Saturday, July 14 kids will have the freedom to get as muddy and dirty as they want and can even win a prize for being the muddiest!

The festival is designed to “encourage children to support recycling and keep the area clean and free from litter.” To participate, everyone must have a signed permission slip and register, and lace-up shoes are a requirement. The festival is free to all ages and will provide the following fun:

  • FREE to all ages
  • Mud volleyball (16+)
  • Adult obstacle course
  • Tiny tots mini mud course
  • 3 Mudpits to play in
  • Waterslides & washing stations
  • Mud pie contest
  • Mud fashion show

Perryville, MO is about an hour and a half south of St. Louis off of interstate 55. The festival begins at 9am. There will be vendors there as well. If you’d like to be a vendor at the festival, there is more information and all the necessary forms at the 573 Magazine website.

As a mother of little ones who are instantly attracted to anything dirty or messy, this festival sounds like a blast! Not only does it promote a good, educational cause, but events are available for every age group as well. Free fun for the whole family? Sounds good to me!