When we think of July 4th, fireworks immediately come to mind. They’re colorful, beautiful, and explosive. Like us during our workouts, right? One way to increase your explosiveness is plyometrics. These moves give you power, strength, and agility. So become a booming, gorgeous firework and give some of these plyometric moves from Shape a try this holiday weekend. Warm up, then perform two sets of eight reps of each move, resting up to 60 seconds in between each set.

Lateral Ankle Hops: Stand on your right leg, hop to your right. Then with right foot, hop back to starting spot. That’s one rep. After right leg set, move on to left leg.
Surfer Squat Jumps: With feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, extend both of your arms shoulder height at your sides and squat down, as if on a surfboard. Jump up, bringing arms in, and rotate 180 degrees in the air. Land facing the other direction.
Medicine Ball Throw and Catch: Holding a medicine ball, stand with feet hip-width apart. Squat down, then quickly stand up as you throw the ball in the air overhead. Catch ball and immediately go back to squat position.
Medicine Ball Slam:Stand with feet hip-width apart, and from overhead position, slam ball on floor. Repeat.
Switch Lunge and Hop: Starting in lunge position with right foot forward, lunge down quickly, jump up and switch legs in air. Land with left foot forward. Repeat same switch move three more times and then jump off ground and land on left foot only (the hop). Work both sides.
Pushup In-Out Jump: In modified pushup position, lower body into push up and explosively push back up. Feel free to clap your hands in midair! Then lower body into triceps pushup. Repeat.
Quadriceps Balance: Stand on right leg, bend left knee and pull ankle to your buttocks. Reach right arm up to ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch legs. Make sure that you keep your knee bent and pulled in close to your body as to avoid injuring your knee.