My son’s school is encouraging parents and children to be active. They can record the time they spend doing an activity like playing football, riding bikes and other fun activities together.

If the parents are active, the children are usually active. It is a good practice and a great way to motivate some families that do not normally exercise. When I do my exercise DVDs, I always encourage my children and daycare children to join me. They always do and think it is fun to copy the instructor on the DVD. I know that I am setting an example for my children to be healthy and active. My husband frequently rides his bike, therefore my sons also love to ride their bikes. This weekend, my family visited a pumpkin farm that had all of the typical fall, Halloween attractions. It had a very short spooky trail with mechanical skeletons in old trucks and out houses. It wasn’t a very long trail. At the exit of the trail there was another educational trail you could hike. It is a fairly short trail, with a few small hills. While we were waiting for the rest of our party to get through the haunted trail we encountered a family; a mother, father, son and daughter. The son was probably 14 years old and a bit on the heavy-side. The mother was also very heavy. The son was excited to see the additional trail and asked his mother if they could continue on the trail. The mother did not want to hike the trail. It is obvious the haunted trail was a lot for her. I felt sad for the boy; because he really wanted to go and complained that they never want to do things like that. The mother gave excuses about the boy’s breathing, but I am assuming she didn’t have it in her to go.

Many of America’s youth are overweight. We can blame junk food, soda pop, inactivity etc for why the children are this way. I think a lot of the blame should go towards the parents. This poor boy wanted to do more and his parents are holding him back. I felt bad. I wish I could have walked him through the trail myself. My own children and husband walked that trail and it was neat. We learned some interesting facts about some of the animals that live in the area and had some fun family time together too.

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