“The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating, neurotic, and a terrible waste of time.”
-Edwin Bliss

Perfection doesn’t exist so why do so many of us try to reach it? We can easily admit to the world that we aren’t perfect but inside our heads we (moms) are trying to achieve this fantasy of a pristine and organized house, perfect meal plans and groceries, well-behaved kids and pets 24/7, order, routine, order, routine, perfection, order… blah blah blah. We have to let it go!


Easier said than done, right?  Well, think about this… trying to be “perfect” is just creating unnecessary stress in our life. What does stress do? It wreaks havoc on our whole health! Our immune system weakens because of increased cortisol which increases inflammation, our mental health deteriorates, our sleep becomes shorter and of lesser quality. Our physical and mental self and stability just breaks down. We cannot take care of anything or anyone else if we are not taking care of ourselves. If we’re stressing about everything that needs to be taken care of for things to be “perfect”, we aren’t taking care of ourselves and that is a problem.

For the most part, I think “perfectionism” comes more from self-doubt and worry. We worry about what others will think if whatever it is we’re doing isn’t up to their standards, not even our own. Why do we even care? Look at the big picture. In the scheme of life, what does having the cleanest house mean? The most organized house? The best behaved pets? Kids so well-behaved they are like robots? The best body? The most perfect, healthy meal plans? The most stylish wardrobe?

Nothing. Those things mean nothing.


We have to keep perspective and not be so hard on ourselves. We are human. Mistakes are all part of the journey and the journey is what matters. Crazy kids, dirty floors, hand prints on walls, dog nose prints on windows, mail on the counter, quick not-so-ideal meals are all signs of a house full of love and memories. Live in the now and cherish these moments because they are the only moments we truly have.  Life is certainly too short to hold ourselves to a standard… especially someone else’s.

I’ll leave you with another quote. “Reality is reality as you perceive it to be.” – Michael F. Maloney

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